Tidewater Doctors has 2 locations in the West Ashley area.

Dr. Don Hurley & Dr. Amelia Fairfax

2270 Ashley Crossing Drive
Suite 150
Charleston, SC 29414
Phone: 843-766-1936
Fax: 843-766-1206

Dr. Jeffrey Akhtar

2270 Ashley Crossing Drive
Suite 155
Charleston, SC 29414
Phone: 843-990-5866
Fax: 843-868-8041

Tidewater Doctors

Has many ways to help you with your illness, injuries, wellness & preventative care needs. Below is a list of some of the services provided at our locations.

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911

school physicals
new patients
urgent care
wound treatment

chronic care
heart disease
adolescence health

sports med
women’s health
men’s health

Find us at...

2270 Ashley Crossing Dr.

Charleston, SC 29414

Dr Hurley & Dr Fairfax

Ste. 150 Phone:843-766-1936

Dr Akhtar

Ste. 155 Phone:843-990-5866

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